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  • Placed my order Wednesday received my pack today (Saturday) excellent t/a. Stealth packaging was well done, everything inside was securely wrapped for safety.

    Comms were good, quick responses. Very pleased overall!!

    Thanks bro can’t wait to try it out

  • Thank you for the review Biker! You were a pleasure to do business with. Next time you order I’ll make sure to do something special for you since this was my first review.


  • Ordered Test Enanthate at 300mg/mL
    Shipping was fast and was even double sealed.
    First pin was in my left pec, virgin muscle and no post injection pain at all. I’ve always used SoCo, but with them exiting out, I decided to give Triple B a try.
    Been pinning and it does feel a little stronger than 300mg/mL, definitely not underdosed.

    Trip is really responsive and makes good quality stuff. Looking to be with you for awhile man.

    I’d definitely give this guy a try if you’re looking for a new source, good deals and the gear is nice.

    Would definitely reccomend for a new, secure reliable source.

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