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  • I’m going to be running “godzilla piss” from SRX.

    Godzilla Piss:
    50mg Testosterone Base
    50mg Trenbolone Base
    20mg Superdrol
    1mg Mtren

    Plan is to start off with 1ml pre workout; do not plan on exceeding 2ml. For those who have used these types of preworkout blends… do you skip on non training days?

    Also looking for some recommendations on how to structure the backbone of my cycle. At the min, plan on running 250-375mg test cyp EOD. I have anadrol on hand, but won’t throw that in until I have an understanding on how my body responds to the no ester injectables.

    235lbs; 15-17% BF
    Squat: 545lbs; Bench: 405lbs; Deadlift; 615lbs

    Continue to get leaner.
    Gain muscle mass.
    Squat over 600lbs; Bench 455lbs; Deadlift 700lbs.

    Let’s hear it gentlemen…

  • @backpackheater762 I skip use of pre workouts on rest days. If you are somewhat a beginner I’d recommend starting with just test no ester. Godzilla piss is an aggressive blend of drugs. 2ml will most likely be too much. I wouldn’t exceed 1ml per dose.
    If you’re ready to use it, it will be really helpful in the gym, superdrol and mtren will have effects on your physique but in my experience test no ester and tren no ester are great in the gym but don’t directly effect your physique much at all. It’s a fun blend but it’s seriously not for beginners and like I said, stay at 1ml.

    What other compounds are you running with it?
    If it’s just test cyp I’d personally increase that dosage a little but that’s just me. Save the adrol for when your Godzilla piss is gone. I’d personally also run low dosage tren ace at the end of that pre workout because just suddenly stopping a combination of compounds like that can cause you to lose motivation in the gym

  • @BigDaddyV5150

    Thanks for the reply bro. I’ve ran EQ, mast, tren ace, superdrol, dbol, deca, NPP, halo, and test with varying ester lengths in the past.

    I’m thinking NPP and tren ace along side the test cyp for the backbone of the cycle. I was not impressed @ 200mg NPP EOD in the past, so this time around I’d be looking to increase the dose and/or frequency. This will be the last chance for NPP… if I don’t like the results, I won’t run it again.

    Side note regarding side effects: I have experienced elevate BP, elevated heart rate, and loss of appetite (likely due to elevated liver enzymes shown in my blood work).

    I have been on a life change journey for 6 months now. Sober since May, down 35 lbs, strength up, and have been able to come off BP meds. This is getting kind of ranty… but the alochol abuse fucked me up far worse than gear, and I believe this is what ultimately caused my negative side effects in the past.

  • @backpackheater762 good for you bro. I’m also a former addict so I know how it is, Keep it up man!

    I love NPP at 700-1000mg it really increases my hunger and strength. It’s been a little while but if memory serves me correctly 1200 was the sweet spot for me. However deca was always better for putting on size and took like half the dosage and a third of the pinning.
    Tren ace and NPP will be a dope combination. I’d probably do lower tren and higher NPP. See how it treats you the NPP is great for my appetite so coupled with tren you’ll be able to put on loads of lean muscle mass. That should be a sick cycle

  • I bought superdrol with Godzilla piss abs just ran superdrol on the off days .

    I would never take 2 ml of Godzilla Piss btw. That would fuck your blood pressure so bad and give you the worst headache lol

    Tren base is a painful injection so if you’ve never used it before I’d probably start with your glutes.

    I’d curl up into a ball and cry like a lil bitch If I pinned tren base into my pecs or delts

  • @BigDaddyV5150 I’ve been debating about running npp with my trest cycle but worries about depression from the npp . Does it fuck with your moods at that high dose

  • If your “that fat” 15-17 I personally wouldn’t recommend things for heavy water retention, only will add to health problems. Maybe consider a nandrolone base for the cycle? I’d definetly consider dropping that test down and replacing with some nandrolone or primo/masteron. Especially considering your strength goes masteron would defiantly help. Would definetly be hesitant to add in anadrol with that test dosage and that bf level

  • @loct99 over time, yes. I typically fun it for about 2 and a half months no problem. However if I throw in proviron after a month or so I can run it longer as proviron helps boost my mood. Dbol does as well.

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  • @PrimoRox you’re right but if he saves the anadrol for the end he should lose significant fat with the tren usage as long as his diets on point. I don’t see it necessary to add more compounds especially not this early into the cycle. Test tren and Godzilla piss is plenty

  • @BigDaddyV5150 definitely has that potential, all depends on the diet, certainly just don’t assume his tren will cause that. Definitely agree with your last statement for sure.

  • @PrimoRox I agree, I shouldn’t have assumed his diets in check but he has potential

  • @PrimoRox @BigDaddyV5150

    Thanks for the input guys. I wouldn’t be messing with this type of cycle if my diet wasn’t in check. For frame of reference, I was even “fatter” at 263lbs in May.

    My morning weight was 228 lbs today. I’ve been hovering between 228-233 for the last week depending on sodium/water intake. I have abs and vascularity coming through my lats and adonis belt. I put myself at 15-17% because, in my experience, most people tend to grossly overestimate how lean they are.

    As long as I am seeing results, I am going to run the godzilla piss for as long as my body can handle it.

    So the way it looks is 16 weeks…
    1 gram test per week (16 weeks)
    1 gram NPP per week (12 weeks)
    700mg tren ace per week (16 weeks)
    1ml godzilla piss pwo only

    During week 17, I will drop the tren and cruise for ~20 weeks.

    Will keep the anadrol off to the side and decide as things play out.

  • @backpackheater762 I hope you understood I put that fat in quotations because I didn’t mean it in a negative way, I meant just not super lean was all. Look forward to hearing how this goes for you man, should be a hell of a ride

  • No offense taken. I am fat, and the first to admit it haha. There’s only 2 options in this world… fat or shredded.

    I’ll throw an update up once I get started. Biggest challenge is going to be rotating injection sites, and opening up some new ones. Pecs and biceps are out of the question.

  • @backpackheater762 I mean… there’s also not fat and not shredded but just lean lol.

  • @backpackheater762 honestly I like being 16% body fat. That’s the best amount of fat for building muscle anyway.
    Some people disagree and I don’t feel like arguing, it also doesn’t really matter, if you look good then fuckin go for it I think your cycle looks sick and from your history I didn’t really think you were fat at all.
    15-17 is a good body fat, not for stepping on a stage but overall that’s basically the perfect spot for males. I personally think your shits on point and you’re gonna have a wicked cycle.

  • @backpackheater762 the main reason I would keep the anadrol for later is because it tends to fuck with my appetite and with the compounds you already will be running you will make incredible gains so there’s no reason to suppress food intake, also when coming off things like tren or Godzilla piss you will feel weaker so anadrol will help you maintain strength both mentally and physically. I say throw it in when you start to cruise

  • @PrimoRox you realize that at his weight 15% bf is only like 30 pounds right? Minus everything else on his body he’s holding at least three times that in muscle.
    Although I agree I shouldn’t have assumed things his stats are fucking good. 16% is proven to be the best spot for muscle gain.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 I certainly wouldn’t use the word proven.

    I’m just saying if that’s his Bf percentage he doesn’t have much wiggle room. Versus if he was 10% asking this question he could put on 15 pounds of fat and still be in a decent position, like where he is starting now…

    I by no means was calling him fat, his stats are excellent. But pushing those compounds at that Bf level COULD cause issues with water retention, bp etc like I stated previously. It’s getting a bit off track here

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