DHB and Bold Cypionate Cycle Advice

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  • Hey Guys

    I currently have plans to home-brew some DHB, Bold Cyp and Test E. I am currently on a powerlifting program and will be until late January before the summer cut. This gives some time to put on some lean mass for the winter months. I have never tried DHB or Bold Cyp, but I have heard a lot of great things and some bad things (mainly PIP).

    Since both of them are Boldenone derivatives, does it make sense stacking them together? I am mainly using Bold Cyp for the appetite stimulation it produces so I can get enough calories down.

    Something like

    900mg of Test E
    600mg of Bold Cyp
    300-400mg of DHB

    I also have some Anadrol on hand (favorite oral) but I am trying to save it and I am not so sure how good it will pair with the Bold Cyp increasing my BP and RBC’s

    What do you guys think? I’m open to suggestions.

  • @Hedgeexchange FWIW I’ve never tried neither bold cyp nor DHB but if you’re looking for appetite gains i can’t recommend MK677 enough. 12.5mg daily made me eat like crazy, the sleep gains are nice too.

  • @Hedgeexchange definitely wise being cautious about using boldenone and anadrol together as far as RBC production. Personally not a fan of dhb honestly, feels it’s not necessary and usually misused. Don’t want to get into it here but simply I just thing it’s not necessary and would look for something else.

    Most likely would avoid anadrol as well if your having appetite issues.

    Honestly if I was doing this (this is me obviously others can disagree), I would ditch the dhb and bold and replace with masteron. Excellent use for what your trying to do and will help control estrogen from your large test dosage.

  • @PrimoRox care to expand on the DHB comments?

  • @Mstew7358 honestly man I’m just not a fan of these exotics for most. And people imo don’t understand it’s power. Maybe if your a 400 pound strongman you can use a few hundred mc, but for most of our goals just think there’s better options.

  • @PrimoRox lol I feel like you’re getting this info/opinion from Broderick Chavez

  • @Mstew7358 I know who your referring too but honestly no. I just am not fond of exotics, which is why I didn’t want to get into this as I stated earlier haha. Just think it’s not needed

  • @PrimoRox fair enough. I’ve been running it & it’s not as crazy as people make it out to be, not as weak as some say. People could use it if they dilute their pins.

  • @Hedgeexchange I’d be wary of combining the bold cyp & DHB for 2 reasons

    1. potential increase in RBC’s; idk if DHB increases rbc like EQ does but if it does, you’re gonna run into issues potentially

    2. PIP. If you dilute the shit out of your shots, you might make it. But I’ve heard bad things about the PIP with bold cyp. I’ve had to dilute my DHB shots & haven’t had an issue, but I imagine it’d be like running high mg oils with DHB; potential for a lot of pain

  • @PrimoRox why?

    @Mstew7358 @Hedgeexchange PIP is blown out of proportion. Just heat the oils up, pin them all at the same time daily, haven’t had an issue.

  • I’ll definitely be warming up my oil before injections. This has made other compounds with pip, almost pip free. Im thinking of running the dhb for 6 weeks and putting the bold cyp on hold. If Im not getting enough from the dhb I’ll drop it and move on to the bold cyp for the remainder of the cycle.

    @rkara12 I definitely should have considered MK677. It was one of the first Sarms I took and I felt amazing. The increase in hunger was there and I had forgotten about that until you brought it up. I’ll be getting some of that next time around.

    @PrimoRox I love Masteron and use it in every cut. The main reason I am not adding it to this cycle is because of the syringe space. DHB and Bold Cyp are notorious for crashing at somewhat standard mgs/ml. Its going to use up a lot of my syringe space because I want to brew the DHB at a slightly lower mg per ml to guarantee it will hold. Plus, I have researched the efficiency of adding the mineral Boron into my stack and its ability to free up testosterone by greatly lowering SBHG (Bloods confirmed). I like to think of it as a little brother to Proviron. Def does the job quite well and its very easy to acquire. There is a research article I have attached that some of you might find quite interesting.

    Anadrol murders my appetite and although I love it, my mass gain will be limited if I add it.

    [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4712861/](link url)

  • @Hedgeexchange yup a lot of people have good success with boron. But I’m saying don’t add in the masteron I’m saying ditch that bold cyp and dhb and substitute that syringe space with mast e :)

  • @Hedgeexchange Hello sir, DHB is not a derivative of Boldenone. It is actually derived from dihydrotestosterone. It is another form of EQ, but does very different things. It is structurally very similar to Primo, only missing a single 1-methyl group whos job it is is to increase oral bioavailability. Essentially if DHB were an oral we would be calling it Primo. That being understood, I’m sure you will see there is no concern with running the three together. 1-test does not stimulate erythropoiesis either (increased RBC). In fact the side effects of DHB are minimal when comparing to any other steroid. So you have a quality compound that is, unfortunately, not understood by most and people tend to shy away from that which they don’t understand. Education is the antithesis of fear, they are mutually exclusive.

    As far as the Bod Cyp is concerned, there is no PIP if made properly. No more than Test Cyp is. I think you might be thinking of Bold Ace, that will put you down quick. But the Cyp isn’t bad, and the DHB isn’t bad. I believe the DHB that hurts people is just made incorrectly, and out of fear of it crashing, too many chemicals are put into it.

    I do have a couple of questions for you though, and I’ll try to make it back to review, but if you are a powerlifter, on your off season, wouldn’t that be the time to put on as much mass as you can? It seems that DHB is not the best choice for that. And my second question is: generally speaking you wouldn’t want your test to fight for the same receptors as your other compounds so why do you run the test so high? I’m sure it must work for you, but I’m always curious if it’s based on experience or suggestion when guys do this.

    To sum it up, those compounds will work nicely together, very synergistic and i believe you will be happy with it. Email me if you need help with the brewing on the DHB.
    Best of luck,

  • @Hedgeexchange BTW, I absolutely loved that article about boron you posted a link to. Incredibly fascinating and I will be incorporating boron in some trial products if subsequent research supports these findings. Just wanted to say thank you.

  • @Synergy-Forge Unfortunately and sadly their is not a lot of information on DHB compared to other compounds. Thank you for your comments and clearing up the question related to the derivative nature of DHB.

    To answer your questions.

    As mentioned previously, and as we all know, there is not as much quality information on DHB. With that being said, much of my understanding of it is quite anecdotal in nature. I have heard talks that DHB is much like if Tren and Primo had a baby. Tren gives me strength and mass, but with side effects I can only tolerate for so long. I was hoping of adding in DHB whose anabolic ratio is 2x that of testosterone to put on the mass and Boldenone to efficiently stimulate the hunger needed for the growth. There seems to be an inverse relationship between how long Im on cycle and how many calories I can consume (hence the Boldenone and high test).

    As far as running high test. The 900mg will be towards the end of the cycle. I will be titrating up in mg for the test. There is some research that suggest that there is a linear relationship between higher androgen levels in the body and an increase of androgen receptors over time (link in the bottom). Testosterone, DHEA and DHT can possibly increase receptors as more become needed by the use of exogenous compounds. This happens slowly and that’s why I like to start out at let’s say 250mg the first week of blast and end up at 900mg by the end. I also like to run high test for the appetite component has on me at higher doses.

    As far as the brew goes. I’ll be using

    50% MCT Oil
    50% EO
    2% BA
    18% BB

    at 100mg/ml

    hopefully this works out with minimal PIP

    If I don’t see much from the DHB after 6 weeks in terms of an increase in strength, hunger or wellbeing, I will most likely drop it and move on to something else.

    If anyone has something other than a Nandrolone derivative that I can combine with Bold Cyp to increase hunger and strength. Please let me know! Just in case the DHB does not go well (hopefully it does).

    [https://www.jbc.org/content/280/9/7786](link url)

  • @Hedgeexchange I just want to say that you might not start “noticing” dramatic effects from the DHB until week 6. I’m about 4 weeks in now and this is the second time I’ve run DHB so I have some familiarity with the effects on my body. I’m just starting to feel some effects from it such as: minor body temperature increase while sleeping and increased vascularity.

  • Hey @MikeAlstott , what other noticeable affects has DHB had on you? How was your strength and hunger the first time around? How long did you run it for and at what dose?

    I have heard that DHB can take awhile to notice affects but I was never sure of the timeline.

    Thanks in advance.

  • It makes me look full, not really sure about strength, I feel like it’s subtle. I also feel like it lets me eat more while leaning out even. I would say it’s pretty subtle overall, but you will definitely notice things over time. I remember when I added Mast in the first time I ran it… my strength shot up a lot. I really like DHB because I don’t get any negative side effects from it besides the minor night sweat thing.

  • Currently running test p /mast P dhb all at 350mg per week. Have to say it’s probably the perfect cycle in my opinion. Closest thing I can compare cycle wise is tren test mast cycle but without all the crazy tren sides. I can’t speak for other sources PIP but @Synergy-Forge is PIP free. I just warm the bottle under tap water… strength pump endurance vascularity…it’s all there in just the perfect way. Pretty much feel that whatever direction I want my training to go , I could use this cycle for those results. I think that rather than adjusting the compounds, I could just adjust my diet.

  • @Hedgeexchange I know there isn’t a lot of information out there. That is part of the problem, and it wasn’t my intention to belittle you at all. Those things never come into my mind. I’m usually very genuine and say what I mean, saving the tongue in cheek stuff for the gym. So I hope it wasn’t taken that way.

    On one hand it is strange to have such a lack of information on DHB since it first arrived in mass production in 2002, albeit in the form of supplements on the shelf, but you would thought that the government would have tested it as dangerous before banning it. I can find no such testing. On the other hand, it was never approved for human use so it does make sense. I know it was first referenced in 1962 but it joined the fate of thousands of other potentials by being shelved. I strongly believe that by doing what we can and returning our findings that we can map this product fairly well. bloodwork will be the key. You will be very pleased with DHB, it has very few sides.

    Ah, I knew there had to be a reason your test was so high, thank you for sharing that. Your goal is long term receptor appreciation, I wasn’t aware that was even possible.

    On your brew, you can bump the BB up 3.2% and drop the EO completely, or you can keep the ratio of EO of to MCT and drop your BB to 9.9% if you like. At the combination you have listed, that would hold approximately 140mg/ml depending on altitude and how much vacuum the vials develop from cooling.

    Some appetite stimulization:

    Periactin (prescription)
    Lipid Stabil (supplement)
    Lovaza (supplement)
    MK-677 (SARM)
    None are AAS but you might find them handy if you need to eat but aren’t hungry. Good stuff man, thank you for sharing your endeavor. I would love to hear the follow up.
    Thank you,

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