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  • I ordered 500 dollars of goods from @DragonOrdnance, they told me they’d processed the payment and that it’d be shipped out. I waited a week and not seeing any updates on the website I reached out upon which the email girl told me oh whoops actually our shipper doesn’t ship to your country our bad. She saw the country it was being shipped to during my initial payment, then didn’t reach out to me to tell my package wasn’t being sent at all until I probed a week after the matter. Now she’s said she’d send me a refund two days back but it’s been radio silence since. It’s personally been the worst communication of any source I’ve dealt with, and I hope to see my refund soon

  • @orkchop What country is that? If its Europe, then I know a few sources do not ship there as higher risk, But they ship to USA

  • @LiftWaffe88 Turkey, if it couldn’t be shipped here no problem. It’s a business I understand if you can’t pander to everyone. But I was told it could be shipped and then left in limbo for over a week after payment only to later be told it couldn’t and again left in the dark about when I’d get a refund. Just bad communication on their part.

  • @orkchop
    Its not bad communication at all.

    Its pretty well known in Turkey that a turkish pharmacy, wont ship to you. Why don’t you just go locally and buy your stuff?

    Of course, i know this, but my email girl isn’t well versed in it. If anything, it should be known formerly to the client. But here the pharmacy had to let her know when they see your order. They simply stated its sketch for a person in turkey to order, so they don’t want to fulfill it thinking its a LEO or something.

    So then I send the order to my pharmacy. They have to then message me a few days later, telling me they can’t do your order. Then we notify you.

    This week I’ve also had a major surgery, so I was not able to refund you instantly as I was in post operation care. I did send your refund out two days ago, though.

    I’m sorry about the miscommunication and delay, but there are a lot of people tethered here together with me missing.

    What do you want besides your refund? We can provide you the txid to the bitcoin address you provided us with.

  • @DragonOrdnance soco must have attracted LE lol

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