Capping small raws quantities

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  • Hello, fellow muscle monsters!

    I’m posting today about capping very small raws quantities, specifically 5mg for Finasteride and Cialis.

    I do own a millimeter scale but I do not trust it to be THAT accurate. When I’m capping 50mg of var, 1mg delta isn’t worrying but if I’m gonna cap 5mg it’s another story and I’m even talking about Dutasteride where ED dose is around 0.5mg…

    I could do some volumetric dilution but I don’t know what kind of solvent I need… and ethanol is hard to get where I live anyways.

    Any hindsight?

  • @Ethernea Most capping tools use 100 caps. So 100 x 5mg = 0.5 grams (500mg), so mg scale is fine if your tray is large enough to measure it all out at once. If you have one of these and know how to mix with mortar and pestle you are good to go.

  • Hey @dudebro73 , thanks for answering.

    May I know what would I need (you mentioned a capsule filler and a mortar, anything else?) and the steps by steps instruction?

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