About to order first cycle. Everything look OK?

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  • This is my cycle. Main concern is I want HPTA function restored after cylcle.

    Week 1-12: Test E 500mg/week

    Aromasin 12.5mg ED if sides appear, will only use as needed to combat sides.

    PCT: Nolvadex 10mg ED for 6 weeks.

    Should I add HCG 250iu E4D?

    PLAN for this to be my only cycle.

  • 12.5 ED would be jumping the gun with Aromasin. If you see sides begin to surface, start with something like 12.5 on pin days (so like every 3-4 days) rather than daily.

    If your goal is to keep function, hCG is definitely a good idea. 250 E3D is a common approach. Anything in that range would be fine, 200 EOD is another fine option.

  • @manray Don’t be quick to add the AI since you’re only on 500mg of test a week. Elevated E2 isn’t as bad as crashed. Also, wouldn’t introduce hcg until later in my cycle like around week 8. It might not be necessary. Lastly, report back on how 1 cycle in a lifetime works out for you haha

  • @Buffboy69 So follow @kingofcarbz reccomendation? Take 12.5mg on Pin days if sides emerge? Also reasoning for waiting until week 8 for HCG?

  • @manray yeah, I liked @kingofcarbz post. I’m cautioning not to act too quickly. My second week of a heavy test cycle will result in water retention and serious bloat. But if I wait on taking an AI, my hormones will balance out. On the other hand, I’ve jumped the gun and added AI too early and it took me 2 weeks for crashed E2 to bounce back. At 500 I’d be really surprised if you needed it. Also, whether 500mg or 50mg of exogenous test in your system, your natty shuts down. So why use hcg for first 8 weeks unless you’re trying to have a baby. I can run 1g of test a week and my balls still rub my knees. So to simply reboot hpta as quickly as possible, introduce hcg at week 8 and follow your pct plan.

  • @Buffboy69 Thanks for the explanation. My last question is you said “unless you plan to have a baby”. I want to have kids in the distant future lol, are you implying unless I want to have a baby on cycle? or should I take HCG for whole cycle as it will prevent sperm production shutdown?

  • @manray haha on cycle bro. Hpta shutting down isn’t as huge a deal as it seems. Back in the day we went off of a lot more bro science than scientific data so many of us didn’t even run pct. You’re system will bounce back, pct just jump starts it. I’m glad you are researching and asking questions…that’s what these forums are for - harm reduction. One piece of advise that gets missed is how important water intake is. I’ve read a lot of people say a gallon of water a day, but on cycle I suggest 1.5 gallons…if you ever run tren then you have to drink 2 gallons a day.

  • I would definitely be more conservative on the Aromasin, crashed E2 sucks. I run HCG 500iu twice weekly on all my cycles if only for the sexual benefits. I would suggest running bloodwork during your first cycle to see how your body is responding.

  • @manray

    No such thing as stopping at 1 cycle if it goes well.

  • Bro to be honest you should wait. At 17 years old you’re going to risk stunting your growth and shit.

  • I plan on running this same cycle only I am 20 years older than Manaray. Would his Nolva PCT of 10mg ED for 6 weeks be enough to get my old ass HPTA back up and running quicker?
    Would you suggest any else like the HCG? What dose and when would you start it?
    (don’t know if this info matters but initial bloods put me at 962ng/dl test when I got tested for Low-T a few weeks ago)

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