Multiple orals at the same time?

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  • Hello, I started a Blast & Cruise, I am new at this and by the time it feels great, I did 3 cycles in the past and got my body screwed up… Now I’m in a TRT of 150mg a week, and I’m making a blast right now, I have 1 bottle of Turinabol (pills) which I just finnished (50mg a day), and I have 5 Anavar left (100 tabs x 10mg each bottle) and 2 Winstrol (100 tabs x 10mg each bottle).
    I thought to take now 3 bottles of anavar (60mg a day), and when finished, take a break of 12 weeks, and then take the 2 bottles of winstrol (50mg a week) and the other 2 of anavar left (60mg a day).
    I am at 150mg test only because right now I can’t have bloodwork done, so I don’t know how much AI to take exactly, that’s why I choosed this drugs that don’t aromatize, because I have had problems with gyno in the past.
    My question is, is my blast (with all the drugs I have right now) well made? Or should I take two things at the same time? Like Winstrol & Anavar? Is this possible? Should I take multiple orals at the same time? Or it’s good as I said, first anavar, and for the next blast, the 2 winnies and the 2 anavars left? One bottle then another.

  • @gabisito_96 RIP liver

  • If you want an honest answer, no, your blast is not well made and everything you’ve mentioned sounds like a beginner typed it up. Stick with TRT until you understand how these drugs work please—it’s for your own good.

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