From Powerlifting to Bodybuilding

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  • There’s actually a lot of crossover if you really look into it. Difference is you may not do a main lift first (squat bench dead) and your accessory movements will be based purely on the muscle and putting proper tension across fibers rather than a sticking point in a lift. look at yourself objectively as you can and try to identify your weak points in the mirror then hit those weak points. Think of it almost as you’re perpetually in a hypertrophy block for powerlifting with some difference so Jordan Shallow has some great content on this for more specifics.
    Some key points:

    -Identify weak points
    -Maximize tension across muscle fibers via exercises selection, tempo, ROM
    -keep track of volume so you can progress. With bodybuilding the number on the bar isn’t the main variable.
    -dont fall into the trap of doing different exercises every week/other week/month; still maintain some semblance of periodization.

    I powerlift but If I was going to do bodybuilding I would still do the main lifts, then do my accessories based on weak points in muscles/aesthetics rather than the lift itself.

    Some competitive guys may chime in and say other things. This is just what I’ve learned from working in the field, talking to bodybuilders and learning from certification courses from some people big in powerlifting and bodybuilding.

  • @bottomfeeder52

    Thanks for your reply!

    I definitely have to pay attention not to lift like i was for powerlifting. I have to stay focused on how my mind-muscle connection and how my muscles feel when I’m lifting. Instead of going for more weight in the bar, one of my main goal is burn and pump. This is what you’re talking about right?

    Here’s my current working routine. I do 3-5 sets of every exercise with 6-12 reps per set. Sometimes I do AMRAP, Drop sets, or sets where the starting weight for an exercise decreases a little after each set. I do not take rest days. If I’m feeling overtrained, i just take more gear, eat more, and sleep more.

    Chest Day 1:
    Bench, Smith Machine
    Incline Bench, Smith Machine
    Seated Barbell OHP, Smith Machine
    Machine Chest Fly
    Incline Dumbbell Fly

    Other Day 2:
    Ab Machine
    Hyperextension machine
    Tricep Iso Machine
    Preacher Curl Machine
    Side raises, dumbbells
    Wrist curls

    Pull Day 3:
    Cable Pull-ups
    Barbell Rows
    Cable Chin-ups
    Barbell Shrugs, smith machine
    Rear Delt Raise machine

    Leg Day 4:
    Leg Press plate loaded sled
    Seated Calf Raises on leg press sled
    Squat, smith machine
    Romanian Deadlift, smith machine

    Tell me what y’all think!



  • I would still do the barbell based movements to work your smaller stabilizing muscles, as well as making sure some of the accessory work is unilateral for similar reasons. They don’t necessarily have to be first and you can use prefatigue, but I still think they should be in there. I’m a very biomechanically based person though so take that with what you will.

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