Injectable sarms source?

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  • Anyone know a source for injectable sarms? anyone have experience with them? I am currently trying oral LGD4 and its been surprisingly great. But while reading up on it and other arms it appears the bio availability of it/them isn’t very good. It looks like I can buy the raw’s and make the injectables myself but it’d be a first brew and I don’t have the time at the moment to learn a new process. I’ve seen 1 source on here selling sarms but it appears its only orals.

  • The only thing I know of is people buying the raws and home brewing it themselves. Just from random reading on Reddit.

  • @bottomfeeder52 , that’s what I’ve seen too. I guess there was a vendor selling it about a year ago when a bunch of YouTube videos came out about it. They no longer sell the injectables.

  • @allnatural Swisschems sells them and they were endorsed by Enhanced Athlete at one point recently. I don’t know anyone else that has used them though.

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