This may be a dumb question;

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  • I’ve been lurking and using the forum for research, but I only signed up lately to actively post.

    The dumb question is; Am I allowed to mention non ‘verified’ sources here? For example, I’m living in Ireland. And I buy off a Dutch crowd, am I allowed enquire about them?

  • You’re not forbidden from doing so, but your best shot at getting a valuable opinion would be to find a reputable forum or platform where that source is present/already being discussed.

    Both as a source and neighbour to NL, if your example is geographically accurate, let me mention that some NL sources carry products that definitely are forbidden from even mentioning here.

    If you’d like, join our discord or post your Wickr name and I’ll tell you all I know about EU sources!

  • @Liska Thank you for the reply. I did ask them if they were present on a forum, such as this one, and they said they are not.

    They stock the typical testosterone esters I see on even verified sources shops. I have some of their 300mg/ml Test E, but I haven’t done anymore than look at it for now. But I see no mention of them here in any section.

  • @OldManMarc If they don’t carry benzos, painkillers or other non-BB related drugs (which some NL sources tend to do) you’re fine to post their website probably - worst case it’ll get removed by mods.

    Do they brew for their own label or resell other brands? In the latter case, finding information on those should be easy, as most EU resellers offer the some brands (Balkan, Bioniche, SIS etc.)

    Any credible lab will send their products in for independent lab testing not only to verify the purity of their finished product but to use these tests as a means of advertisement, so if they can’t produce these, I would stay away, as there is no shortage of decent labs in EU.

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