Iron Anabolics Aromasin bunk?

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  • Hey guys,
    i ordered a few weeks ago, some MK, Cialis and some Aromasin from your site ironanabolics.
    Ive been using Aromasin for a long time, allways same dose, different brands an dialed in my dose perfectly. Unfortnuatley after using your Aromasin for a few weeks, my E2 went through the roof.
    Please tell me, if it is bunk or a bad batch or simply underdosed. I am not mad, I would even order aGAIN, but tell me please the real dosing, its crucial for me to know. Defnitly it is not 12,5 per pill. Its bunk or much less. tried both of the bags I ordered, still same result or in other words: no result.

    Had some Aromasin left from another brand, took it for only a few days and E2 went down. Please, need help and information to dial in my dose.

  • This sort of claim isn’t allowed without bloods or labwork. Please post those ASAP.

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