SRX Primobolan

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  • I wish I could write this review with my old account which obviously has a longer history and post count. But my old account on SST doesn’t seem to work any longer with the SST forum upgrade, but anyways.

    I’ve been a big fan of SRX’s gear. Fast, professional, service. Every gear or pharm item I’ve tried from SRX has been potent and solid.

    Been bugging SRX for Primo since I’m tried of buying from sources that aren’t selling legit/potent Primo, especially when it’s a $100 a bottle.

    Been running 700Mg a week of SRX’s Primo for about a month now. I can tell it’s legit and I’m very happy. At this time it’s only an anecdotal review, obviously. But, I’ve had legit Primo, ran 2 bottles of it and fell in love with the substance. That source dried up, bough from another source for Primo. There’s was either bunk or under-dosed. So I do feel I am a good candidate to decide if Primo is legit or not. SRX’s Primobolan E is legit and g2g!

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