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  • This is an updated review for Synergy Forge now that I’ve made multiple successful transactions and used more of his products.

    So far I can vouch for the following:

    Test E
    Mast E
    HGH Generic


    Everything I have used has been excellent and functions as advertised. Another benefit is that a good chunk of what is listed has been independently tested by other members of the forum.

    Customer service is top notch. Syn is great about answering any questions you have if you’re looking to run something for the first time. He sent me a great write up when I asked some questions on running HGH for the first time. He tells you when an item will ship and when you will receive tracking information. Additionally, as Syn says on his page, he is not interested in being the cheapest source. He places his value on delivering a superior product with the best customer service. That said, he will work with you on bulk pricing if you’re looking to put together a group purchase.

    Turn around time is fantastic. I placed a very large order on Friday. It shipped Saturday and was delivered the following Tuesday. This has been consistent with every other order I have made.

    Highly recommend giving him a shot if you’re a first time buyer or not satisfied with your current source.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. It is an incredible bit of information that you are selflessly sharing with others. It speaks volumes to your character. Thank you again,

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