Adding Anavar to a cruise

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  • I’m currently on an hrt level dose of Test @ 130mg pw. Thinking of adding Anavar in small doses i.e. 10-20mg ed, for a couple months here and there, for mild help, and increasing free test.

    Anyone here have experience running low dose anavar on an hrt level dose of test?

  • @FH93 Depends, what are your current goals bro? Once you’re over your HRT levels a week for total mgs then you are in to cycling territory. With 20mg/day extra its 270mg/week TOTAL mgs. So if your HRT levels are determined to be optimal at 130, you are already double your total HRT mgs.

  • This may not be the answer you’re looking for but I’ll chime in

    While it’s true adding an anabolic will up free test I think proviron and mast are better choices for add ons to a cruise .
    Var will work I’m sure , to what degree I do not know
    Maybe keep var on the shelf for a blast (it’s awesome at 75-100mg ime) and add masteron at a low dose during the cruise to lower SHBG and get your desired effect

  • Sorry to dodge your actual question. I personally do have experience running low dose Var with HRT level Test and it seemed pointless to me.

  • I routinely run var at 25-50 + TRT/low test. Even ran as low as 10mg for 100 days. I love it. I just started (today-was on the test/eq already) 100 test/100 deca/300 eq/25 var. If you’re using 10-20mg expect it to be pretty much entirely cosmetic (var gives a terrific look to those who are lean). If you actually want to get some noticeable results (size/strength) from it opt for closer to the 50mg range, it can be ran for an extended period of time (months).

    If all you’ve ever known is HRT/natural test, var will be quite significant.

  • A cruise should be for health. A period of time for your body to normalize and de-stress, and recover. Just stick to 150-200mg of test. Save the var for a blast. When you can really reap the rewards. Gotta think long term man. This shit will catch up to you, cruises are important. Your body needs a break.

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