Terrible 1st cycle bloodwork after 4.5w

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  • I Bought Test E from a gym contact (who is clearly using). No labels and was told it was 200mg/ml Test E. Before I learned about SST !

    After 4 weeks on my total T levels are x6 lower and FSH & LSH are depressed vs my natty baseline before the cycle. (see details at bottom of post).

    This is my first cycle. Tested the gear prior to pinning with Roidtest, and apparently checked out as test e, c or sus present (hard to tell). I am an experienced power lifter (10+ years training) , during the 4 weeks my stubborn RM’s did increase and my bodyweight increased 5lbs with same diet and training but this could have been placebo of course.

    Shockingly underdosed ? Honestly think who ever made it just squirted some real gear into some sterile oil and vials bought from Amazon and called it a day at my expense… http://imgur.com/a/N3YBDko

    Because of bad PIP I started pinning new Test E (225mg x2 pw) from a SST verified seller just after this was drawn and before obtaining the results. Otherwise I would have just went straight to my doctor and got a script for low T before pinning again … God dam it !

    I Plan to re-test in 2-3 weeks and go from there. If it shows T levels within good ranges, I want to run with it but sure how long to run for. I was originally planning a 12 week cycle, then PCT. Any ideas?

    Natty bloodwork pre-cycle =

    My most recent bloodwork after 4.5 weeks on cycle below:

    Link to blood work : // http://imgur.com/a/gPm1Uuu
    Source : // homebrew from gym contact //
    Running testosterone : // yes //
    Ester : // Enthentate //
    Weekly dosage : // 400mg //
    Product(s) run other than test : // arimidex .25mg x2 weekly //
    Weekly dosage(s) : // 200mg x 2 //
    Number of weeks run : // 4.5 //
    Draw time after last pin : // 5 days //
    Blood Results
    Test reading in ng/dL : // 109 ng/dL //
    Test multiplier : // 1500 : // no //
    E2 reading : // 22 pg/nL //
    Liver/lipids elevated : // no //
    Other: non fasted and working night shifts for past 27 days consecutively

    Any advice welcome. Thanks

  • @Elcheeko36 said in Terrible 1st cycle bloodwork after 4.5w:

    No labels and was told it was 200mg/ml Test E. Before I learned about SST.
    After 4 weeks on my total T levels are x6 lower and FSH & LSH are depressed (see details at bottom of

    Wait, apologies but that was really confusing. The first link is to your natty Test levels right? Blood work from the gym contact is the third one. Just trying to clarify.

  • @MikeAlstott see edited above for better clarification. The natty 1st = 615 T , on cycle 2nd = 106 T

  • Got it, ok thanks. Fuck that dude at your gym…

    Are you already feeling better on SST source’s gear?

  • @MikeAlstott right , I talked to the prick today but he had a bag of baf excuses. Best one being “it works for me” lol I learnt a hard lesson, I’m just glad I got that bloodwork done earlish into it . 12 weeks on it would have been disastrous.

    I only pinned on yesterday so it will probably be afew weeks before I notice anything. To be honest I didn’t really notice any negative physical or mood changes other than what I usually get when I do long hitches at the drilling rig. I work 28 days of 14 hr night shifts.

    Keep you posted though and I’ll be sure to give the SST source a shout out. After my next bloodwork.

  • The RoidTest is notoriously imperfect. Judging soley on the numbers that you posted, it apears that you have been running an androgenic compound such as deca that cannot be used as a sex hormone, yet fools the body into thinking it is testosterone; which in turn, signals the body to reduce endogenous Testosterone. Since you mentioned it was quite painful, my guess is it was a short ester as well, such as NPP.

    Welcome to SST though, glad you’re here. I’m probably not the source you’re buying from but that’s ok. Most here are really good at what they do. You are in good hands. Just remember, buying unlabeled and unknown compounds from an unknown person and then injecting it into your body? Probably not the best idea. But it drove you here so some good has come from it.

  • @Synergy-Forge Thank you for the input, much appreciated. I think you are onto something with the Deca. He said he runs that with his sus… Might have sold me the drabs. Yes, the injections were abnormally painful which initially lead me to re-source. Respect to people who can pin that regularly.

    When I asked about the labels he said it’s for privacy / less risk in posting and he could get me the labels from his “source”… another bad excuse and I was done with it. I actually know him a little, been out for beers, dinner and partyed at his house afew times…false trust I suppose, and the guy is yoked so I was sold. I hope new people can learn from this story.

    I haven’t checked your site out yet but now I will for sure.

  • Make sure you’re carrying, approach the dude, show him the bloods, and tell him if he doesn’t make things right he’ll have LE at his door and you testifying against him in court once he’s behind bars. What’s he going to do? Attack you physically and get another charge added onto his belt or risk losing his life when you shoot him? You know where he lives, works out, what he drives, etc. there is no way for the dude to get out of this one other than moving/going off the grid, and I can’t see the juice being worth the squeeze over the few hundred dollars he made off of you.

  • @Elcheeko36 said in Terrible 1st cycle bloodwork after 4.5w:


    that pre-cycle looks great.
    I will take it for myself.

  • @kingofcarbz lmfaooooo what kinda advice is this 😂💀

  • @Jj4999 the kind that aint for everyone my G but it could get the job done 😁 chances are the dudes just some pussy who thought he could rip someone off and have no lash back

  • I thought buying local was the way to go. Paid 120 for a total of 360$ for three vials . was under very under dosed and had floaters . the brand was called preatorian most fancy labels iv seen . two years later and dealer was shot and killed. Bad karma . everyone loved the guy . fuck him.

  • I would not bother confronting the guy at the gym , Think about what you would have to gain or lose ? You were lucky to learn a valuable lesson without much harm to yourself. Take my advice and use the source is here , I have use the same source for three years and never ever had one issue at all.

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