Feel terrible on Aromasin...

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  • Has anyone had a bad reaction to aromasin?

    I had been using Pfizer Aromasin for the past few months and have been feeling like shit and had no clue why. I recently made the switch back to Adex and feel worlds better. I know aromasin is generally preferred, but just wanted to see if anyone else just doesn’t tolerate aromasin very well?

  • @Yoyo12351235 yea, I’ve felt like shit on Aromasin but that’s because my E2 was too low. What kind of reaction did you have and did you take bloods?

  • Crashing e2 most likely like @MikeAlstott said.

    You’d need to get bloods.

  • I personally feel lethargic on any AI (especially letro) after a month or so. Mostly because its lowering estrogen too much. For this reason I made the choice not to run them unless I’m prepping (when I blast high doses and care about water retention) or if I notice signs of gyno (luckily enough this hasnt happened since I started keeping my test dose 250mg or lower per week a few years ago). The switching to adex and feeling better doesnt make sense to me but like others said, need to get blood to see for sure. Without bloods it’s hard to know if the dose you were running of aromasin is lowering estrogen as much as the adex is. Even when the internet says this dose or aromasin is equal to this dose of adex, it doesnt work like that. We all respond differently so the only real way to know is with blood test results

  • have you got bloodwork done to check your E levels ?
    it sounds like you have crashed your estrogen.

  • Too low E2 and possibly SHBG getting too low also. You dont need it if thats the case and you dont want low SHBG in my opinion its a hormone carrier so if you dont have SHBG your test is not going be carried around the body. Ill never take that stuff again my SHBG got too low and thats not good.

  • @Yoyo12351235 You didn’t mention dosage but I’m assuming you are taking the 25mg caps bc you said Phizer. You probably aren’t “crashing” your test, you probably are just feeling like shit because of hormonal fluctuations. Either way, instead of caps I got Exemestane in liquid that way I can use a dropper and find my sweet spot. For me I feel much better taking around 8-12.5 mg at a time.

  • I have exactly the same issue with Aromasin, and Letro. Acute symptoms of depression even at low dose. Not so with Adex.

    In my experience, everything related to hormones is individual. While a majority can use a certain substance with good results, some users will experience the opposite. Much like anti-depressants. Most people will not experience suicidal thoughts from normal dosage of common anti-depressants, but those that do (less than 5% if you believe the stats) fall into what is called “Black Box” category.

  • just wanted to put my anecdotal experience here I just got my bloodwork back I was taking 300mg of Test E every 5 days and only taking 6.5-8mg of exemestane on pin days…

    My ultrasensitive estradiol came back at 20 pg/ml which most people consider the sweet spot. I could probably have taken nothing and been fine. Point is you don’t know how much you automatize unless you take the Ultrasensitive test. Taking 25 mg at a time sounds like too much for you and your levels.

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