Bulk King Labs Test E @1g, 6211 ng/dl, 6.211x

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  • Link to Bloodwork https://imgur.com/a/1YrkgCJ
    Source Bulk King Labs
    Test Ester Running Enanthate
    Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 1000Mg
    Other Compounds in Cycle Tren Ace
    Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 350Mg
    Weeks Run 4
    Draw Time from Last Pin 23hrs
    Blood Results
    Testosterone Reading in ng/dl 6211ng/dl
    Testosterone Multiplier 6.211
    Test Capped at 1500? No
    Estrogen (E2) Reading pg/ml 68pg/ml
    Liver/Lipids Elevated? Yes
    Anything Else Goes Below
    Doses will stay the same for now, may lower test the last 4 weeks as i feel i could get away with less. Great source overall and will look out for his npp. Tren ace has slight pip, but the test is smooth.
  • Multiplier is 6.211x as I mentioned in the email but overall I like these results. The E2 is high but we talked about raising the amount of Aromasin being on that high of a dose. The PIP from the Tren May be due to the miglyol 840. Some people get pain from it but only 35.5% of the carrier oil is Miglyol and the rest GSO which may explain “slight“ pip. I’ve had friends inject straight m840 test e from the same vial (clean needles and alcohol swabs) and some had 0 PIP and others had horrendous pip. Hence why I didn’t want to go full Miglyol. The mig is in there to make the shot smoother when drawing and injecting since Tren is a daily to eod shot, and one can use an insulin syringe to draw it.

  • @BulKKing-Labs Yea, and the slight pip from tren is very quad focused. My quads are very dense so any short acting ester has tad bit of soreness but very tolerable, unless im pinning it multiple times a week.

  • Yeah! That’s right! I blame you! For what you ask? I hadn’t pinned my quads for over 1 1/2 years because of pain and thought, ehhhh, maybe it’s time. This guy does it all the time. And I’m still store from a half cc a week ago in my quads LMAO. I can’t do quad shots. PIP all day. Delts and glutes are what I stick with and there’s no PIP. How has the pip been since you’ve switched away from the quads?

  • Hell yeah! While I might not be a fan of running 1 gram of test anymore, I like these results. I switched over to bulk king test earlier this week so I was gonna wait a few weeks and see how I felt but this is all I need to see. I’m about to finish my first 10ml bottle of tren ace and I can tell it’s doing what tren does (not to mention everyone in my gym has seen me put on 10-15lbs in the past 2.5 weeks and they’re all amazed as fuck). I’ve pinned up to 1cc of the tren without much if any pip too. I’ve primarily pinned quads for the past 5 yrs and with 1/2 inch slin pins mostly. I do remember being crippled for like 2 weeks when I started pinning quads tho lol. I was like fuck it, i hate self pinning delts, I cant turn enough to pin glutes and breath at the same time, so quads it is. For those 1st few weeks I just told everyone that I dropped a dumbbell on my leg. Nobody even noticed I was limping on the left legs for a few days, then limping on the right for a few days lol

  • Hahahahaha that’s funny @Stumpjumper2017 I told people (and I am telling people since I recently did a quad shot) that I worked out my legs for the first time in a long time, I hurt my back (which ‘the walk’ looks similar to PIP in a quad), I tripped over my puppy’s toy and landed on the corner of a table, or the best is: “I went sky diving and my parachute didn’t open” and then just walk away. Now, I don’t recommend this unless its to someone that you’re just sick of being nosey ALL the time. lol

  • @CaptainAmerica does this count?

  • @Stumpjumper2017 Thats a big jump in weight for 2 weeks lol.

  • @Dunk2JWorld yeah I lost a bunch during covid so I really just put back the weight I lost. I was stuck at around 185lbs after about a month of lifting and trt. Then I found bulk king and had to give the tren a run. I was expecting to jump back to 200ish by the end of the year but I didnt think I would be able to do it this quick. Me and my workout partner have been killing it too. I’m usually a solo lifter so having the partner helps push me even harder. Between that and the tren my appetite has been way up too. Hoping to get back to the form I was at the 2019 ny pro by new years now!

  • @Dunk2JWorld Bloodwork on Enan is 5 week run minimum unfortunately

  • @CaptainAmerica Dang, bummer lol. Pretty standard for me to do bloods every 4 weeks. I get atleast 2 bloods during cycle for any adjustments, the only thing that has changed is im pinning test e 2x week instead of ED.

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