Proviron and bloodwork

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  • TL;DR question:
    What impacts on bloodwork should I expect to see from proviron? Will it be reflected in the total testosterone result? Does it have much impact on elevating RBC/HCT, or degrading lipid profile?

    I’ve been running proviron (25mg ED) on cruise for most of 2020.

    Up until July, my cruise dose of test was 75mg Test E, every 3.5 days. My bloodwork in July showed my total test at 46.2 nmol/L (1333 ng/dL in American units), compared to a reference range of 9.5 to 30 (results capped at 52). Hematocrit was well above reference as well. Lipid profile wasn’t bad, but not as good as I’d want on a cruise.

    So I dialed back to 50 mg Test E every 3.5 days. My latest bloodwork, taken about 36 hours after the last pin, had my free test even higher at over 52 nmol/L (the capped range of the results). Lipid profile is about the same. The lab fucked up and didn’t include the complete blood count in the results, so don’t know the HCT. It’s been consistently too high, so I expect it still is.

    Liver profile has always been healthy in all my bloodwork.

    I’m a bit perplexed as to why the testosterone is coming back so high on just 100mg/week of Test E, unless the testing method picks up the proviron as well - which is fine, so long as I know that’s the case. I’m a bit more concerned about the lipid and red blood cells - proviron is reputed to have little to no effect on bloods. Makes me question if my proviron might be mislabeled.

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