Synergy Forge generic HGH

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  • Been on 2iu 5days a week for 10 weeks now (went through 1 100iu kit.)

    This is my first experience with HGH.

    I realized yesterday that my joint pain (elbows and wrists) is completely gone. I’m in my 40’s and this is fucking clutch. I’ve tried Bpc, nandrolone and they didn’t do much. Now it’s completely gone.

    Otherwise, my skin’s better—I went looking for wrinkles on my face the other day and want to say that my face looks 5 years younger.
    Losing fat has been easy, putting on fat has been hard.

    I also feel like it makes gear work better, but maybe that’s in my head.

    HGH—I see what all the fuss is about.

    Bought it from syn pre sale, still was a steal. ~15$ a week to heal/feel/look better? Where do I sign?

  • Just curious, do you inject in the morning?
    And why did you choose 5 days a week over 7 days a week?

  • Mostly inject before bed, did a run of the yellow magic fat loss powder from hell and injected in the morning during that. Going forward, I’ll do at night if maintaining/bulking and in the morning if cutting.

    2iu 5 days a week is what’s recommended by Broderick Chavez to tenuate water retention, extend the life of a kit, for anti-aging.

  • I apologize for being late in this reply, I didn’t see it but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. It really helps, and I am grateful to customers like you that share their experience with others even when you don’t get anything out of it. Well, I think now I can get you a thumbs up, fwiw. Still, the fact that you are willing to share is really wonderful. Thank you,

  • @nlite2k

    I also have a Syn Forge HGH generic kit. Did the lethargy or sleepy feeling go away? I know it’s common to feel sleepy and lethargic on HGH, but just wondering if you stick with it, if it goes away.

    I don’t like feeling sleepy/lethargic, but I’ll stick with it if a low dose of 2IU, makes the sleepy feeling go away soon.

  • @glibswol I noticed acute lethargy during the first couple of weeks, but either I’m used to it or it’s gone at this point.

  • @nlite2k Thanks. I think I’m getting used to it and feeling normal. I only use 1-2 IU a night.

  • Iv yet to pull the trigger on hgh. Use time should be at least 6 months to a year right ? And as long as you can afford it? What is the data on once you stop? Lose all results it gave you?

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