Looking for some insight on my bad lab results.

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  • https://imgur.com/IqAPDAl

    Currently running test prop 250mg and tren ace 350mg a week. On week 4. Labs don’t look so good,I don’t feel that bad, urine has been dark (maybe not enough water?)

    Advice? I’ve never had bad labs before.

  • Your liver is on fire. You taking other orals or medications?

    First cycle? Could be test flu. Your immune system is firing and your rbc is also indicative.

    This doesn’t look like a test tren cycle at all

  • @CaptainAmerica no I’m not taking any other drugs. This is my 4th cycle

  • I see that you posted on reddit as well. Small world.

    Anyways, your CBC can be managed by doing a little extra cardio. I’d imagine you’re already checking your BP. Like others have stated, you could look into donating blood.

    Liver values really aren’t THAT bad. We don’t know how long your cycle is going to be, but if it’s like 12 weeks you’ll probably be fine. Livers are pretty resilient. It’ll bounce back after a few weeks being off.

    I suggest looking into TeamEvilGSP and watching some of his free material on youtube. He has like 30+ years of gear experience and has been the pharm coach of hundreds of athletes, bodybuilders, and strongmen. He’s seen thousands of blood work documents and does weekly free Q&A on his instagram. These same questions you ask are asked to him all the time.

  • @sstthrowaway thanks a lot I will definitely check it out.

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