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  • Do you think there are any benefits to yoga in terms of asthetics or no? They just opened a yoga studio across the street from my place

  • Yoga is great. Being more mobile can only benefit you in the gym and outside of it as well. I say give it a shot with an open mind.

  • Idk about “aesthetics.” But like @kingofcarbz said, it’s probably good for mobility and general well being. If it’s right across the street from your place it’s worth a shot. I’ve been able to fix a lot of my mobility issues by stretching, mobility work with bands/foam rollers, and seeing a PT.

  • @loct99
    I personally love yoga but more for meditative purposes rather than aesthetic. It’s very relaxing and stretching feels great. Flexibility has benefits but I’ve never seen a yogi and been like “that’s my ideal physique”

  • I dont do yoga but I stretch daily and it helps immensely with my RLS.

  • I think it’s great. I do an alternate form of it by Hypertrophy Coach called “broga” lol. It’s very contraction based and consists of taking your joints through full rom and also eccentrics and concentrics.

    It’s great on rest days in reps of 3-5 but I do it for warm ups on training days before real activations. FWIW subscription is well worth it.

    See sequence below:

    1. Fingers
    2. Wrists
    3. Elbows
    4. GH (straight arm)
    5. GH (bent 45 degrees)
    6. Scapula circles
    7. Windmill reaches
    8. Protraction/retraction-ex/in rotation
    9. Neck circles
    10. Cat/cow
    11. Kneeling oblique
    12. TVA/bracing breathing
    13. Bracing/glute bridge
    14. Hip in/ex
    15. Knee bend flex
    16. Knee straight flex
    17. Prone knee flex/extend
    18. Ankle circles
    19. Ankle pronation/supination
    20. Toe points/toes to nose
    21. Toe spread
    22. Toe flex extend
    23. Pinky toe
    24. Big toe
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