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  • Honestly Synergy has some of the best communication I’ve ever dealt with from a source! I’ve been using Synergy about a year now and have yet to have one single problem! Literally 9/10 times Synergy responds to any email within that day! I have recently been bugging Synergy about MENT like crazy and definitely asking plenty of questions. Every single question was answered perfectly. I also messaged him probably 25+ times solely about the MENT and he never once tried to blow me off or ignore even my little questions! Everyone who’s ever used Synergy knows his TA is as phenomenal as his products! Definitely give him a try if you want the best of the best! Synergy is my number one every day of the week hands down!

  • I will have to give him a shot. I believe the source I just started using was mentored by syn it something like that I read on his wiki. I have heard nothing but consistent good things about syn going back to the old reddit days.

  • @hypeofbeauty1 Syn is a true professional and you can’t go wrong ordering from him.

  • @TripleBSolutions Thank you sir. That is kind of you to say.

  • @Smiley24 Except when it comes to responding in the T/A section apparently, and I need to do a better job of checking this. You definitely pushed the MENT envelope and between us we were able to bring it to fruition. You are correct, to date, I have never ignored or slow-played an email. Without customers like you I wouldn’t be around so you are always welcome to email as much as you want. You’ll always get a timely response. I look forward to the next one.
    Thank you,

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