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  • Would I be able to empty out an aromatherapy oil bottle, sterilize the bottle somehow, then put some test e oil inside so I could travel with it? How would I sterilize the bottle?

    Context: just trying to go on a month long vacation, since I’d need to spend two weeks in quarantine and wouldn’t be able to have anything shipped to quarantine location.

  • I don’t know how sanitary that would be, man. Where are you going and travelling from? I have personally just preloaded some syringes and put them into my checked luggage several times with no issue domestically. Even travelling from US to Europe.

    I would be nervous doing it into a strict country though.

  • @Jy10871 said in Traveling with gear:

    ould I be able to empty out an aro

    are you travelling within the US? I’ve had no issues with using an insulin travel case and putting my Test and HCG in there with some pins and swabs. I just put it on top of everything in my checked luggage.

    like the poster above me said, I’d be a little bit more apprehensive when going into another country though.

  • Why not just peel off the label of your test vial. Also as others have said traveling domestically is no issue at all, I’ve always just put everything in my checked luggage and never had any problems

  • @Jy10871 just suit case it bub. Or put it in your prison wallet. Lol.

  • I’ve just taken the labels off and have been searched and they’ve said nothing

    I wouldn’t risk taking it out into another goal

  • @Jy10871 If it’s domestic in the USA just pack it in your check in bag. I just put my vials and syringes in my cpap bag and pack that in my check in. I actually do this on a regular basis with work.

  • @Burreaux does anyone know about travelling internationally? Is a prescription a must when you go this route? How would they even verify the prescription? Just check to make sure it looks legit? I wonder about travelling to Europe eventually and just bringing Test with me.

  • @MikeAlstott I travel internationally multiple times per year and have done so for about 6 years bringing gear every time. I put all of my gear into pharma (prescription) vials and orals into matching color or style pill containers (for example, anavar tabs into a zinc tabs one - obv don’t put tabs into a capsule container, just the basic stuff). They’ve never called to validate anything, but they read the label and ask questions related to it. This is for customs/secondary when they go through your bag and such - no guarantee that’ll happen for you, but when it does you can be assured they do look. Never had an issue, always try to be calm and composed when they’re asking questions, never act annoyed or concerned, prolly been into secondary around ~10 times total during that time. Sometimes when I have a lot of vials they ask why I have such a large supply and I explain that the ‘prescription testosterone’ can crash or ‘go bad’ in certain temperatures, a vial could break, I rather be safe, etc.

  • @MikeAlstott I’ve traveled internationally with gear and syringes as well. I just put it in my check in and no problems. There is always a risk but it’s minimal but the risk is still there.

  • @kingofcarbz and @Burreaux
    Thanks for the detailed replies, guys. I have an empty Test vial from Nordaject (UG) that looks really legit - it looks prescription-esque. Wondering if that’s a risk, would they possibly Google it to find out it’s UG? I guess the safest bet would be to find a prescription label and somehow print it or something.

    What countries have you guys travelled to? I assume some would be more problematic than others.

  • @MikeAlstott My prescription vials wouldn’t look anything like UGL — they have all of my personal info. on it (and often multiple times, on the box, vial, and baggies) the same way a pill bottle would. Personally I would not be comfortable using UGL vials and claiming they are my prescription to customs, but I know the overall risk is low—multiple unfavourable things would have to occur. I’d feel more comfortable just using a blank vial and claiming I peeled the prescription label off because sometimes there are floaters that I have to avoid more than I would having a UGL name on the label. Just my 2C, I know plenty of others would take the risk.

    Edit: North American customs, my bad for missing that q

  • Damn this thread blew up. Yea traveling domestically in the US I have preloaded syringes no issues but this time I am traveling international to Asia so I’m assuming they’re strict on drugs. I think I’ll just peel off label and bring pct in case it gets taken. Love the comment to store it in my “prison wallet” haha you guys are hilarious

  • never traveled internationally with gear but i have flown several times with preloaded syringes and anavar mixed in with my daily vitamins, never had an issue. My plan was if i was asked about the syringes i was going to state they were b-12 shots. lol

  • if you are that worried signup for a online trt clinic . They will write your a prescription.
    Just tell them you were self dosing now you want to go legit…

  • I wish there was a vendor who offered insulin or vitamin D labels to put over test/steroid vials. I would definitely buy some, If anything it’ll keep a visitor who might see a vial at my house from thinking anything about a vial of vitamin D I have on my bathroom counter.

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