Dragon Ordnance Turkish Pharma T/A

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  • Ordered Sunday 10/4
    Shipped 10/6
    Received Tracking # 10/8
    Arrived Friday 10/9

    DO responded to me on both email and discord on a Sunday, great customer service


    1. German customs opened and resealed the package. I’m assuming they didn’t seize because it was just AI, accutane, etc. Is any stealth used when ordering actual anabolics like primo, HGH?
    2. Jade notified me that there are no 10mg/5mg of lisinopril available, website description for 20mg needs to be updated please
    3. Do you know when IBSA HCG will be back in stock?


  • The pharmacy’s stealth is not like ours. They basically rely on the fact that they have a shipping profile with DHL as a distributor of medications, and use that as their “stealth.” Besides that, the stealth is just black bags, wraps, and the occasional box to look different.

    Nothing high level.

    1. Not available at the moment, yeah.

    2. Only HCG we have is Chorio, and that is super low right now. ETA, unknown with how fucked the med companies are with the china plague.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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