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  • Anyone else have trouble resetting their account? I got frustrated and decided to create a new one. Guess I’m starting all over again building post counts and whatnot

  • Yup. Had to do the same. This new layout SUUUUUUUUCKS!

  • We’re open to feedback. What about it “sucks?”

  • @CaptainAmerica, eh, not letting me reset my password and losing my first account and experiences for sure sucked. (I guess thats not format) I felt like the web page version was easier to navigate. Everything was right there. Now you have to click, cick, click, click to find what you want. The source list page makes my eyes hurt. I find posts from years ago mixed in with latest posts. I’m sure it will get easier to navigate with experience. I’ll get used to it.

  • @Truckertrash13 most definitely had trouble resetting it. I was about to create a new account but tried one last time to reset it and it fuckin worked!

  • @Truckertrash13 yep I had to create a new one also. 😕

  • Just created a new account as I couldn’t reset password. Not the end of the world. New format is different but I can see what you are doing here from a web developer point of view. Just will take some getting used to.

  • @CaptainAmerica said in New Account:

    We’re open to feedback. What about it “sucks?”

    The layout is terrible. I’m Canadian so I liked seeing the latest post in the Canadian source subforum, I have no interest in whatever happens in the US or International subforums. Now this is what I get:

    • It doesn’t show subforums
    • It doesn’t even show which thread the last message was posted in???

    I also mentioned in the last thread that a lot of BBCode/HTML didn’t carry over so a lot of old posts are completely unreadable ( A lot did carry over so I’m not sure what you did exactly.

    I have literally only seen downsides to the new design. Some people might find the “unread” thing interesting but I find having to clear it every time I get here incredibly annoying (because out of the 12 notifications I might find one interesting at best). Everything is more hidden and takes way more clicks to get to than the previous design.

  • I just made a thread about this in the Dumb Questions section. Had to make a new account as well. The only thing I dislike about the new format is how shitty and long the replies to some comments are if you’re quoting them. It’s a bit chaotic.

  • @rpolitics_sucks you can set your own notification settings in your profile.

    This forum no longer uses that coding and so that was an effect of the transfer. We are working on scrubbing that right now.

    I don’t understand your bullet on sub forums. They are in your screenshot and can be clicked.

    And the most recent post thing is just part of the theme. We will be changing the theme to something close to what you see now. But needed time for people to get their passwords and ensure things were working as best they could first.

    Bringing me to @The_DGB2 ’s point. We have gotten several requests about this. The reset password is working properly. We’ve found that that emails aren’t being remembered properly in most cases. E.G Putting tuta when you used gmail to sign up. Or Gmail or whatever other provider. The email that was moved over is the original email you used at SST. If you can’t access it anymore you’re free to email modmail.

  • @CaptainAmerica I’m totally okay with using this new account and you might be totally right with me forgetting my OG email, I’m just curious since I am a new account would that forbid me from posting in certain areas? I know many forums require accounts to be a month old or have 100 posts etc. before they have full access to everything. That’s all I care about really.

    Thanks man.

  • @CaptainAmerica said in New Account:

    I don’t understand your bullet on sub forums. They are in your screenshot and can be clicked.

    In the previous layout you’d see the last posts on US/Canada/INT/Complaints individually, not one for all of them combined. I don’t give a shit about the last post if it was made in the international subforum (and I can’t even see that without having to first click on it because the last post doesn’t even show the thread it was posted in). This is what I want:

    @CaptainAmerica said in New Account:

    We will be changing the theme to something close to what you see now.

    Absolutely no idea what this means.

    You made everything that I could get to in one click before take at least two. It’s literally the opposite of good UX.

  • I was able to reset my password by going through the email reset like 2 or 3 times. Not ideal, but possibly an option if you guys want your old accounts back. I am getting used to the new design and it’s grown on me.

  • @Methylated same here, first couple days I couldn’t get anything to work but after all the issues were seemingly dealt with was able to reset password and now i’m really digging the new design

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