TRT with large size multi dose vials

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  • I prefer a vendor who only carries the 20ml vials of testosterone c. I am “self prescribed” 150mg a week test, My vendors vials are 5000mg.

    Would it be foolish to use these vials instead of 10ml vials from another source? Or should I be good as long as I’m always swabbing the vial with ISO wipes prior to drawing? A pharmacist told me multi use vials should not be used for longer than a month, So is using a 20ml vial for 6 months pretty much asking for an infection?


  • I’m not qualified to go against a doctor so instead I’m going to share my personal experience. My TRT prescription is for 100mg/wk. and I get a 200mg/mL 10 mL vial. Not once have I been told that it’s only good for a month in the 6? years I’ve been picking it up from over a dozen different pharmacies. I have also used UGL vials that have been opened for over 6 months many times without any issue - always stored in a cold, dark space.

    If you’re doing many stabs into a vial the main thing you’ll want to watch out for is coring/stopper damage, you will want to draw with the smallest needle possible even if it is annoying to draw at a slower speed.

  • @kingofcarbz Thanks a lot for the advice man. I read the same thing about cork damage and smaller gauge needles. Do you store your vials in the fridge or just in a cool dark room? I was wondering if you store them in the fridge and warm them for injection would that cause bacteria growth?

  • @RoyRogers Of course dude! Just in my room in a drawer. Basically, avoid anywhere with humidity (bathroom cabinets and such) and sunlight and unless you keep your house at some outrageously extreme temperatures you shouldn’t encounter any issues. When I say cool I mean like, the 60s is probably ideal, not 35-40 fridge style.

  • i didn’t know about not storing in the bathroom cabinet. That’s basically where i keep all my stuff. Fortunately, it’s rather large but i will be moving everything tonight. thanks for the tip

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