Arimidex dose on 250 test

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  • So I was on about 250mg test a week without any Ai and was having some libido issues and soft dick while having sex ao I got some Bloodwork and my e2 came back at 51 which I know isn’t super high but I figured shit that has to be it.

    I started taking .25mg of Adex twice a week and not much changed and now I upped it to 0.5mg twice per week on my pin days and I’ve noticed a difference for the better ( 2-3 weeks so far at this dose). I’m still not 100% but I’m def better was thinking if I should add maybe 0.25 mg on a day in between ? I take 0.5 M/ TH I was thinking possibly adding 0.25 on Saturday ?
    Also my estrogen isn’t crashed I def don’t feel tired & like shit or achy joints no low e2 symptoms at this dose

  • @acherry69 I’m in the camp of higher than normal estrogen is a good thing when elevating your test levels. I’ve had my estrogen as high as 90 before and didnt touch an AI.

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