Platinum Powders / Hebe / PurePowders / Polar - SCAMMER (Beware)

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  • I recently made a large purchase of pharmaceutical cabergoline off a private seller (who used to be public). This seller goes by platinum powders, hebe, purepowders, and I’m not sure what other aliases. Anyways, I have successfully sourced caber off him before, but this time was a particularly large order (approaching $10000). I was ghosted shortly after making the order.

    I had trust in this source as I had made successful orders off him before and even helped him out financially in the past by buying off him strictly to help him out.

    This seller also resells untested and WET raws, as well as untested peptides and hgh from a company that goes by the name
    Shenzhen Huge Bio-Chemical Co., Ltd.

    I have had fellow sources buy off him and receive wet and underdosed raws on multiple occasions.

    He reships from Grapevine, Texas, so if you notice this in your tracking, I would recommend proceeding with caution.

    I am making this post to warn others as well as sources before you get burned like me.

    Maybe I’ll get roasted for this, maybe not, but hopefully it prevents someone in the future from getting scammed. His means of contact are:

    Wickr: Polarpl

    He rebrands often, plays dumb, and pretends to lose access to his official forms of contact as his justification after scamming people.


  • @Colonial-Labs
    I’m sorry to read this man. I hope you prosper in the future 10 fold to make up for this loss.
    It sucks that the current state of this trade is all through the internet and it’s so easy to steal from people, if only people involved in this business had integrity things would be different.
    Hope things work out for you.

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