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  • Hey guys,

    Noob question and I was having trouble replying to the coin general thread. I noticed at local convenience store they had a bitcoin atm, does anyone know if I need to create wallets and all that shit at the atm or can I just put in cash and send that as bitcoin?

  • @biker811 don’t know tbh… never seen one… if the atm is capable of sending btc to another wallet then it should work

  • @biker811 hey man. I used bitcoin atms for a while when I was still not sure what route to go for online purchases. I had to get a wallet beforehand and the atm sends the money to your wallet. However, I highly recommend you don’t use one. They are a rip off. They set their own bitcoin prices at way higher than the actual cost of whatever the current BTC price is, so your $200 will only get you like $150-$160 usually. I recommend Cash App, coinbase or coinmama. Cash App is the easiest, but they are super slow to verify your info to use the bitcoin once you’ve purchased.

  • Thanks fellas guess I’ll just reread the general and try to figure this shit out.

  • Every time I’ve done it , you make a paper wallet and “swipe” it and take all the funds from paper wallet to you’re actual money wallet

    Takes 2 seconds with an app and iPhone

  • @biker811 I have used the ATM’s a few times. The fees suck, but the transaction is almost immediate. Download a btc wallet to transfer the btc to. The ATM will give you a paper wallet after you purchase. Open your btc wallet and you scan the paper wallet and the funds are transferred to your wallet. You can then send those funds to wherever you’re going to send them for purchase.

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