Bulk King Labs Gear Review

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  • Well guys, I said I’d be back with an update on how I’m feeling on Bulk King Labs gear. Currently taking his test a and tren a at 350/700 wk.

    Since starting his gear 8 days ago, I have been banned from my gym, I have started fucking a tranny I think I’m falling in love with, and today I got into an argument with my bestfriend over that tranny and smashed my really nice cell phone. So instead of ordering more gear right away, I had to buy a new phone.

    Long story short, this tren is fucking awesome. I look badass, I feel badass, my lifts were going up until I got banned the other day and now I just need a new gym. Anyways, hope everybody is doing great. I have a tranny to go fuck. Laters.

  • Any tips on how to find trannies? Did you use a dating app?

    And…why were you banned lmao.

  • @TooPoorForTren hahahahahahhaha omg I can relate. Not to the Tranny part but I do notice that being on steroids lowers my standards of what I will fu$& lol. Hey, some tranny’s are quite believable. Anyways, Yeah my gf banned me from my Test No Ester because we always fought. So I got on my test acetate and I can control my aggression a little better. Thats how you know a product is good though…getting kicked out of gyms hahahahaha Love it man

    Bulk King Labs!

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