Injectable L-Carnitine - Hype?

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  • Who’s up on this injectable L-Carnitine? A lot of people recently talking about it, but I know it’s been around for years. Did some research and found it’s probably only worth it if you make it yourself. Some people use insulin during the “loading” phase, but I am gleaning that it’s not necessary. It will just take longer to fully saturate in your body if you don’t use insulin during the loading phase.

    Do people here have experiences with it? Is it something only worth using during a cut or is it worth adding into a daily regimen regardless of what you’re doing?

  • @MikeAlstott damn I wrote a long ass post replying to this a few days ago. I guess it didn’t migrate over the second time. Basically L-Carnatine accelerates the metabolic cascades of anabolism and beta oxidation. I could go on forever but basically you need to dose it 600mg every day for about 6 months before you see any of the above noted effects. Check out Alex Kikel’s Instagram he is well versed.



  • Yea man, I remember your post. I was thinking of trying to brew it myself, unless anyone knows a good, affordable source. Who’s this Alex Kikel guy?

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