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  • I would like to inform everyone that I will no longer be in operation. Some things have come up and life and have forced me to retire permanently. I will not get into detail about it but I will no longer be an active source. Even though I am not currently active on here, my plan to come back has been terminated.

  • Nooooooooooo! :( Hate hearing this! Hooe everything works out for you.

  • Look man I posted before about a messed up order on all of this and admittedly I can off a little aggressive so I’m assuming it got deleted and I’m sorry how I came off. But to be it just throws hella disrespect to me that’s you close up shop and act like it’s all good because I know for a fact I’m not the only one who ordered something from you and most money. And I’m just gonna say upfront it was a whole $45 but to me it’s about the principal of what you did and how you’re coming back to the forms but you don’t fix everything you messed up on. I have no hard feelings for you especially cause of the game were in but don’t come back trying to shit down what you couldn’t do and then just take the few bit of money you got and call it good cause of a form post. I’m not sure how dm’ing works on this but if you want to make it right and either refund or shit I would greatly appreciate it. And the end of the day is like $45 lost on a drug deal we’re doing online but it’s really mean something if you manner up and actually went out like someone good and with morals instead of taking that quick check and bouncing

    If you need my email with the site or my or in email I’m more than happy to communicate this and and hopefull get all this behind us. I have screenshots to prove it so I’m not looking for anything free. Just want I paid for Thank you man and please if you’re gonna go iut Do it with integrity. It inspires a lot of people seeing it like rhat

  • I sure would like to know about current orders. Are you going to send out what has been paid for? Or refund? Or…

  • Curious of this as well. Placed a fairly decent sized order right before he decided to “no longer be in operation”. Am hoping he at least tries to fill orders placed and just not take any new orders.

    Emailed with no response, I feel like maybe I lost all my money on this last order which really sucks.

  • What source was this ?

  • @dianabolman Misriah

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