Colonial Labs Tren-A 200, DHB, Test-E, Anavar

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  • This is the strongest tren I’ve ever ran to the point where I had to reduce the dosage from 400mg/week to 300mg/week. I’m using the acetate high concentrate version which is working extremely well. Getting bigger by the week, and strength is skyrocketing. I started it two weeks ago and am up 6 pounds while more vascular and leaner.

    The DHB is an 11/10. Very nice dry full look with minimal side effects. I’ve run DHB before from a difference source. Seeing just as good results with colonial’s.

    Test-E is obviously great as I’ve shared my bloodwork to confirm.

    Anavar is my favorite oral and can’t go wrong with colonial’s. Works very well and I think I’m addicted to it lol. I will be running it every blast.

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