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  • BKL is the real deal boys. Was hesitant to order from a new source but the test E 100mL vials are legit. No PIP, no pain at all which is rare for me. Also ordered Aromasin and the Winavar and I love it. Solid ass help when needing questions answered too. Will order again and took less then 2 days to be delivered.

  • Thank you for the nice review. I don’t mean to float my own boat (if that’s the saying for bragging), and I’m not sure where in the process it takes place to make it happen, but I too get no PIP from my Test E. I know GSO (The carrier oil in the the test e) naturally heals scar tissue so that in itself helps, but a lot of sources use GSO. I do sterilize and sanitize like crazy, limit air exposure to filtered product as much as I can, and I use a whataman polycap filter 0.45um (non-sterile) connected to a 36AS 0.22um polycap filter as the filter before being dripped into a media bottle that was just scrubbed the crap out of, washed and rewashed 10 times, dumped in distilled water, then put it in an oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. As soon as it is done and cooled a little, I’ll open the oven and reach in to put the cap on before pulling it out (is that what she said? eh, maybe lol). Anyways, your review was my platform for giving customers an idea of my process of sterilization LOL sorry about that.

    Thank you again,

    Bulk King Labs

  • Sorry this had taken so long but for whatever reason the post I had made before didn’t make it on the board for whatever reason. I would just like to say that this lab is one of the more professional labs that I have dealt with in regards to correspondence to emails. So much so that I can seriously say that I just talked with them about their product and how much i am enjoying it. Now I have ordered Tren Ace from other labs in the past but i have to say this stuff is smooth. There is very little to no pip even on virgin muscles. This stuff is legit its been 3 weeks since I’ve been using it @ 100mg a day and the body recomp is great. Im up 10 lbs from 160 and I’m hovering around 9 percent bodyfat. No veins when carb depleted which lets me know this is real Tren but on a refeed day the pump is insane especially when carb loading. I’m talking skin tearing pumps and the strength even when depleated is still there its like the weights are air sometimes. I would just like to say thank you to an up and coming lab that is very professional and puts out a great product.


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