Bulk king is awesome!

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  • Bulk king is awesome! I recently had the chance to get in on the 35% off. Picked up test e, test c, tren a and test base. Everything from start to finish was a great experience. I had plenty of questions before I pulled the trigger and order but everything was answered really quickly. My pack shipped the day I sent funds, and only took 3 days to land. I haven’t got a chance to try anything except the test base yet. It’s been a year or so since I’ve had test base or tne, and this shit is awesome. I’m an IFBB pro so I know a thing or 2 about a good workout. Well, today was off the charts. Was gonna hit a pull day but my first couple sets felt so good that I just went with a push pull and went nonstop for about 1.5 hours. Left drenched and feeling like my younger self lol. And this was on 75mg. In the past I’ve ran 100mg most times. Overall, it couldnt really get better when dealing with a source. I’m really excited to try that tren here soon now too. I’ll try to let yall know how that goes.

    I also want to add that the test base is clearly crashed. I was told this before buying it. Tbh, I was just happy to find a source that doesnt use guaiacol, I could care less if it comes crashed. I know alot of people are scared off by the thought of crashed gear but it’s super easy to make it dissolve again. I use a homemade double boiler. So, take a sauce pan, fill with water. Grab that pyrex measuring cup, put a cloth under it and put into the sauce pan full of water. Fill the pyrex just high enough to cover most of the test base bottle. Bring the water in the sauce pan to a boil then lower to a simmer. Grab the bottle and swirl the liquid around every ok once in a while. Within an hour or so the test base was usable again. I’ll see how long it stays dissolved but I’ll just do the same thing again. And, once I rebottle them into 10ml vials it’ll dissolve way fast. In the end, I got an awesome workout and I’m not sweating out that stank ass guaiacol smell. And that taste, it’s not there either. If you’ve ever used the, or something else with guaiacol you k ow what I’m talking about. In the past most of my friends have been turned off by the taste so they never ran it after the first few times. Now I know everyone is gonna go crazy when they try this stuff. I’ve heard bulk king is changing the next batch to 50mg. Has me thinking about picking up another one of these 75mg bottles before they’re gone lol. Might not be the best for those of us who live with parents or gf if they dont know what you’re doing, but for those who can use an oven without worrying who see what were cooking, you dont need to be scared off by this the being crashed.

  • Can I use a candle warmer to uncrash? Or blowdryer?

  • Yes to the candle warmer and not sure about the blow dryer! The candle warmer works really works well for most substances. However, on this batch of TNE, the candle warmer takes a little longer in my experience unless I take off the bowl part where wax would normally go, and put it straight on the bulb. It gets hot quickly so shake it up every so often and use a luer lock needle or even an insulin syringe to release the pressure that WILL build up because of heating in a sealed vial. The silicone stopper will start to bulge and that’s your cue.

    @Stumpjumper2017 's method seems to be a very efficient way of doing it and much quicker; especially with this TNE, getting it back in to solution within an hour is amazing. It stays in solution for a few days then crashing begins again but its not like it started out. Therefore, it won’t take as long to “uncrash”. It IS nice not smelling guaiacol and making everyone in a square mile know that I’m around lol. That solvent stinks so bad and it hurts to inject. I’ve been having some people ask me about injectable Anadrol. I’ve tried brewing IT at HIGH heats for a long time with no guaiacol at 50mg/mL. It crashed awfully. There was no Ethyl Oleate present, however. I may make an injectable Anadrol at 25mg/mL with 60% Ethyl Oleate and 40% Miglyol 840. Okay I went way off the original topic lol. Try Stumpjumper’s way. That seems like a good way to get it done fast, and with TNE, you want it fast since it’s preworkout pretty much.

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