Lock And Load Arimidex

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  • Ordered some Arimidex and HCG a couple months back. Communication was very quick and smooth. Order was shipped out in no time, and the entire process was hassle free

    The HCG worked as expected, and even came with some BAC water, if I remember correctly. No qualms there.

    The Arimidex I didn’t use, until a couple days ago. Was planning to start a cycle when I bought it, but got some injuries that held things up for a while.

    The Arimidex works as expected, besides the fact that the pills are VERY fragile. Trying to cut them with a pill cutter, and they break apart into dust, almost immediately

    This is extremely frustrating, especially when dealing with something like an AI, as the dosage needs to be exact. 1mg is way too much for me personally, so I like to cut the pills into quarters

    I haven’t had this problem with any other vendor here, and L&L seems to have a good reputation regarding their orals.

    Who knows, maybe I just got a bad batch?

  • Larger, flat, green tabs? Same issue. Kinda soft and brittle. Inuse a razor just to put a line in it, then pull it apart. I’d like to see a vendor carry 1/2mg tabs.

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