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  • I will be starting my first cycle within the upcoming weeks. I have decided that I will undergo the “Beginners Cycle” as posted on Reddit
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    i.e “15 Weeks of Testosterone E, 250 mg every 3 or 3.5 days (E3D or E3.5D) for a total of 500 mg per week.”

    Though some questions may be straightforward, the point of asking is to cross-reference what I know with what I dont, and to find more (and more reliable) resources.

    [Gear Storage:]
    Should gear [specifically Test E, Nolva and Aromasin] be stored in the fridge or at room temperature? How long can these materials be stored before they are unreliable?

    [Blast and Cruise:]
    I was recommended to perform Blast & Cruise for extended use, as opposed to cycle gearing. However, I do not have enough information to be confident in running such a strategy over a cycle. Im requesting for a comprehensive guide on B&C (assuming there is one) as Reddit’s beginner information does not openly support the implementation of B&C

    [Gains and SARMS:]
    I have read that SARMs are used to harden muscles during dry cut cycles (bridges) , and prolong the retention of gains. However, I was not recommended to implement SARMs. What are the best methods of retaining my gains (outside the obvious), and should SARMs not be considered? (SARMs are noted to induce suppression, and must be taken with Test)

    [Gym Equipment:]
    The goddamn pandemic has gutted my local gym, and without a reliable re-opening date in sight (if at all), I must find equipment that can help me to sustain routine. My biggest issue is space; I dont have much of it. I am asking for advice on compact equipment that has proven itself worthy of this forum’s recommendation.

    [Workout Supplements:]
    Need a recommendation of the must-haves of workout supplements aside from Gold Standard Whey. No fancy stuff, just what legit works. (Like the original Jacked forumla.) Im not worried about screenings.

    [Ghrelin & DNP:]
    I have a history of taking Ghrelin and DNP on natty bulk and cut cycles, respectively. DNP is a supplement of dubious repute, and I have historically restricted its use to winter months where I could offset its thermogenic effects more capably. I am asking wether there is a more effective and/or safer alternative to DNP. If not, should I simply drop it altogether?

    The beginners cycle recommends the use of HGC, and I need to know if this is something I should take seriously and supplement into my cycle as a first timer and what consequences in terms of time I may face as a result of not implementing it.

    I need to understand what supplements I should be taking both topically and ingestion [the in’s and out’s]. Just what works, and works well in the event of a severe outbreak.

    [Hair Loss:]
    I have read that the use of Finasteride is recommended in the event of hair loss. I am asking if such a precaution will be necessary for a Test E cycle, and what alternatives may prove to be better, cheaper or more effective in relation to the severity of hair loss.

    [Testicular Atrophy:]
    This is more of an HGC related question, but I want to understand TA better so I know whether I should have HGC on supply and, if so, whether I should use it during cycle or post. What can I expect to happen in terms of TA on a 15 week cycle?

    This is a cross-reference question, but since im planning on running a cycle, I want to know how to Better manage my macros. I need to have a general understanding of how much of which nutrients I should be taking [protien, carbs, etc] during which portion of the cycle and perhaps more importantly, what foods I should be staying the hell away from.
    I believe myself to be a MESOMORPH frame.
    Beginner Routines

  • I am also planning to run this same “beginner cycle” of 500mg of test per week. But I am not sure about the AI needed for this cycle. When/if to start and how much/often to take? Also any ideas on structuring a PCT for this cycle would be very appreciated! Thanks

  • [Gear Storage:]
    The only thing you will need to refrigerate in your situation is the hCG. Others should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Temps around like 60F. Think: inside of a drawer in an air conditioned room. NOT: on the shelf in your room exposed to light

    [Blast and Cruise:]
    If you feel like this you aren’t ready to make the jump into a blast and cruise lifestyle. Cycling is fine, especially for beginners like yourself. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself here, take it one cycle at a time for now.

    [Gains and SARMS:]
    Keep it simple for now. SARMS can have a place for some people at some periods of times, but definitely not in between cycles when your goal is to be recovering rather than suppressing yourself and negatively impacting your health markers. They can be included in future cycles, but there’s no reason to be delving into them just yet. Stick with the basic AAS for a while.

    [Gym Equipment:]
    Personally I would not be running my first cycle without access to a gym unless I had a full blown set-up in my garage/home (which I don’t think you have/are willing or capable of investing in). Use this time to bring up areas you’ve been putting on the back burner or struggling with, say those rear delts and hamstrings suck, you’ve been neglecting extra core, cardio, and mobility work, stuff like that, hit 'em daily until the gym reopens and improve in areas that’ll allow you to maximize your cycle once it begins. I know that it’s so incredibly hard to be patient but it’s the smart thing to do in your situation.

    [Workout Supplements:]
    None are essential and none are going to bring noticeable ‘gains’. Creatine monohydrate would be the only thing I consider worth it if the goal is to help you progress. For health there are some solid options out there, but again, none are essential and they will not bring you any more progress in the gym/physique wise. Protein powder or mass gainer are both foods in the powdered form, they are not workout supplements.

    [Ghrelin & DNP:]
    Definitely not needed and the fact that you were using these naturally alongside your urge to start steroids without a gym leads me to believe that you are looking for quick gratification and lack discipline. Please consider what I am saying and re-evaluate yourself if this is indeed true, and do not lie to yourself about it either. You do not need to respond to this or defend yourself. It is your life and I am only looking out for you, I get no benefit from saying this and if it is truly untrue you would not care because you have zero reputation to uphold on here. Either way you should not be on DNP to begin with, drop it.

    It can help you recover faster during PCT and will help to prevent testicular atrophy (balls shrinking) while on cycle. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but it can be quite helpful and is advisable if available for sure. Some people report that is raises their estrogen levels.

    For now there is nothing to take. You just have to wait and see how things go for you as an individual. Shower daily, especially after lifting, wash your sheets and pillow cases often, all of the basics with a little extra emphasis. Some people end up deciding their acne is severe enough to warrant things like Accutane, but that’s never something you just want to start without having explored other alternatives or even finding out if you get acne issues to begin with. Everybody is different.

    [Hair Loss:]
    If you are genetically predisposed to hair loss nothing is going to save you while using steroids. Things like fin can slow it down or help to reverse it if you stop the gear, but you aren’t going to be running cycles without losing hair in the process (again, IF you are predisposed to hair loss). There are extreme outliers but don’t bank on being one of them. Genetics are everything here, you’re either gonna go bald or you are not. Steroids will speed it up, the ancillary drugs will help to slow it down, but nothing will stop it.

    [Testicular Atrophy:]
    Everybody is different. If you care, hCG is the route to go 100000%

    Protein is #1. It’s better to overshoot your protein than to undershoot it. The rest is dependent on your goal. With every approach the one thing that will remain constant and is absolutely essential is your protein intake. People approach the other macros and the ‘clean ness’ of them in an individualized way, but there is one thing we all need no matter what and that’s protein to grow, maintain or preserve muscle mass.

  • Please keep in mind that your nutrition must be 100 on the lvl , you can’t eat like shit and expect to get the full benefits of a cycle .

  • @Azrael Personally, I’m on my first ever cycle and doing 583mg test a week (583 as I’m injecting e3d), and I haven’t had any need to dose AI at all yet.

  • @OldManMarc I am just wondering what I should have on hand? I don’t wanna need it and not have it. Aromasin or Arimadex? What would I start the dosages at for those as well if I was to start seeing signs of high e?

  • @Azrael I have 2 pots of 30x25mg Pfizer Aromasin, and I also have 200x20mg Pharma grade Tamifoxen. Along with 10 amps of Ovidac HCG.

    This is my first cycle, I’m heavily researched and I’d rather have more than I need. Same principle as a condom. I’d rather be looking at it, than looking for it.

    From research, I chose Aromasin and Nolvadex because they seem to compliment each other during use.

  • @OldManMarc Could you maybe tell me where to start for dosing with the Aromasin? like 12.5 eod or how much if I start to see signs of high estrogen. I want to go with the Aromasin and have Nolva on hand in case of gyno. Then maybe a Nolva and Clomid PCT. I am currently doing my research and just trying to figure out AI and PCT protocol for this cycle.
    Did you get the HCG from someone on SST?

  • @Azrael Wait until signs of high estrogen and then dose 12.5 every 3-4 days to start. Might be all you need. No reason to start EOD if you don’t need it.

  • @Azrael Almost everything I have came from ExpressPCT and ExpressPEDS.

    I was always told that it’s much better to have high estrogen than low estrogen. Gyno may feel like it manifests fast, but it can take weeks to actually become an issue. So you will always have time. At the moment, I’m taking 12.5mg aromasin every 14 days. We are all different and we all aromatise differently. Pay attention room to your body, it will tell you all you need to know.

  • @OldManMarc Thanks man, appreciate the tips.

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