Colonial Labs - Test-C (200mg E3D) - >1500ng/dL (>3.75 multiplier)

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  • Blood Work Review
    Link to blood work :
    Source : Colonial Labs
    Running testosterone : Yes
    Ester : Test-C
    Weekly dosage : 200mg E3D
    Product(s) run other than test : N/A
    Weekly dosage(s) : N/A
    Number of weeks run : 5
    Draw time after last pin : 24 hours
    Blood Results
    Test reading in ng/dL : >1500... sorry didn't realize my test caps at 1500
    Test multiplier : >3.75
    Capped at >1500 : Yes
    E2 reading : 98.3
    Liver/lipids elevated : No

    * I realize that I'm a new user (long-time lurker) so maybe this won't "count" but I thought I would share my results anyway... the more data available, the better.
    * I have elevated WBC and other inflammation-related markers, likely due to injury/inflammation--I run 7-10 miles day, every god damn day. And so my legs are truly beat to fucking shit.
    * I haven't taken a single AI so far. Haven't felt any need to do so. My E2 is high, but I believe that your E2 *should* be high on cycle.
  • Math is off. Multiplier should be >7.5x. 1500/250 = 7.5. Good stuff though. (Unless you mean you’re injecting 400 a week. Then you’re correct.

  • Yes, sorry. It’s 200 E3D, which is slightly over 400 a week. I wish I realized the test was capped. Anecdotally, I can tell my test levels are very high. But I don’t have the data to support beyond >1500

  • Thank you for sharing this man! I’m glad you’re loving the stuff. I’ve replied to your email regarding store credit :)

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