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  • Ordered and paid Friday afternoon. Was given tracking Saturday night and told it has shipped. Zero communication until Monday when I asked why it still hadn’t been received by carrier. “Sorry we ran out of GH while filling your order” and was told it would ship first thing in the morning. Still nothing, no communication. Not happy being I went with their steeper prices over SoCo because they all had great T/A and I need my stuff ASAP. Honestly should’ve just went with colonial and I’d be pinning by now. Who knows when it will actually ship - two times they’ve lied now.

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  • @Powerful77 I am just seeing this posting for the first time, sorry for the delay but I wanted to address this because this seems like a legitimate concern. While I don’t know exactly who you are, I know this situation and since it was the only one then it’s not hard to figure out who I think you are. If memory serves me correctly you hit the tail of an HGH sale where keeping track of inventory was especially brutal. I cut sales off but not before they were oversold. You were told your pack went out because I was unaware that it didn’t. I didn’t know until you followed up on Monday. Which explains why there was zero communications, customers don’t like me bugging them with random emails after the pack has shipped. You were not lied to twice but I understand how you might perceive that considering the negativity that surrounds your posting. While I apologize for the rookie mistake of running out of a product, I didn’t set out to deceive you nor was I lying to you. You received your pack within a reasonable amount of time, as paid for. I may have saved you a ton of money because, had you gone with SoCo, you might never have received your order. Additionally, I believe my HGH pricing was/is cheapest on the board, so the steeper pricing that you refer to doesn’t exist. I’m sorry you were unhappy with your T/A but thank you for posting your experience, it’s always important for people to see and hear. Under normal circumstances I let people know before any delay but in this lone case I couldn’t because I didn’t know there was going to be one. Best of luck, I hope your future experiences are much better.
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