Dragon Ordnance Turkish Pharma Package not received.

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  • Placed order for Turkish Pharma on 6/01. Payment was received and package was sent out.

    It was held on Germany for close to a month and Dragon Ordnance assured me that if it was seized it would be sent back to them and they would resend it.

    The tracking label hasn’t worked for almost a month now and Dragon Ordnance still says they are waiting for the package to be sent back… and then they’ll send it again.

    They also now state they don’t offer reshipping on Turkish Pharma and I’ll just have to wait until Customs sends it to them.

    Be careful ordering international products from them as chances are you won’t get the product.

  • Correct.

    We don’t offer reships on Turkish pharmacy as per our FAQ policy ever since inception.

    If a package does get seized, your best bet is that they send it back (which they usually do) and have it sent back to you.

    This is the risk we take with the turkish pharmacy.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, if the customer also wishes to re-order the seized items, we do offer the items at cost with a small discount from the pharmacy as they understand the issue, and I pass these costs to the customer. Some take it, some don’t, but it is an option.

    Again, sorry to hear about the seizures… I do try to state this in the FAQ as clearly as possible. The only reason our Turkish pharma is so cheap compared to others is because we don’t upcharge you 200% so we can reship incase of seizure.

  • Purple panda are doing the same thing to me now even though the website states free shipping once to the USA.

  • I can’t help you out with that. I’ve always stated it is no reships. For PPL, you’re better off making your own thread.

  • I believe this has been clarified. While it is unfortunate, it is in line with the sources listed policies.

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