First few cycles TEST only?

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  • Hello everyone I am about to jump on my first cycle (ready to leap from Sarms to the real stuff). I am planning on doing a bulk and from the research it looks like I will do a Test E run 500mg.

    I am planning on running just Test this time. How many test only cycles should I run before adding orals?

    Not trying to rush and ultimately learn how my body will react to Test before adding stuff?

    Or am I being a pussy and should just add orals first cycle?

    Ok dumb questions done for now.

  • It would be wise to see how you react to test. Also for your first AAS cycle you’re going to grow just fine with the test.

    If you want you can wait until week 8 of your cycle and throw an oral in for the last 4 weeks (assuming you are doing the typical 12 weeker) or you can wait until your next cycle or the cycle after that-point is, do what you want or what you believe to be the best course of action.

  • Theres a reason why everyone recommends the 500mg test e first cycle run.

    When you start throwing in other shit, you will never know how your body reacts JUST to test. Also, trust me, 500mg test e is a great cycle to run even if you are an advance lifter. I’m not an IFBB pro guy nor do I wanna look like that, so it really depends on your goals. But for me, I love running a 500mg test e cycle(of course, i add like 25mg var and and maybe prov). It makes me feel so clean.

    As the first commenter said, you could always throw in an oral the last 4 weeks. Throw in dbol, that what I did with my first run. Loved it.

  • Agreeing with both of the previous posters. You are going to be managing several hormonal changes to your body and you really want to determine how well your body processes a bioidentical hormone like test. From here, you can start to build on your knowledge and you know that if you are noticing other variances once you add orals to subsequent cycles, then you know those have to deal with the management of the orals and NOT the testosterone. The HPTA is a dynamic and complex system, nailing the basics during your first run is pivotal to providing a platform for successive (and successful) future cycles.

  • What’s up man,

    Know where you are at. Get bloods every 6-8 weeks after(if you start).

    I ran ~400mg/week of test E my first cycle. Threw on 30lbs in 16 weeks. I did 16 weeks bc my bloods were on point. Ran AI 1mg of Arimidex after 8 weeks and that kept me right on the money for my E2 (30-40). Kept 20lbs solid after that. Dropped water weight. This was during Covid gym shutdown, I had 45-35-20 lb dumbells and a 6 pack of resistance bands. PRobably couldve packed it on with a real gym.

    Went to cruise after that at ~160mg/week kept me at 1000ng/dl total test (600-700 free). Legit TRT w/ prescription though (only for cruising), could get you in contact if interested.

    I really don’t think you need 500mg to get great results from first cycle. I got ripped apart here my fist cycle for not upping to 500mg but whatever, solid 20lbs in 16 weeks is legit. Can’t promise it’ll work for you but I had great results so far.

    Started TRT cruise July gonna start next blast in October through December. I am debating cycle off TRT with nolva & Clomid just to give my body a time to recover but also love the 1000+ test in my blood so… I feel like everyone should TRY cycling off at least once to know if it is or isn’t for you. Some hate it, some bounce back…

    BUT what the hell do I know, I’ve only been running test for like 8 months! That’s nothing compared to these guys…very knowledgeable guys on this, listen to them and READ OLD THREADS on here, there is SO MUCH you can and SHOULD learn.

    Have a plan! Diet, Workout, Sleep, and proposed cycle. Order ALL your stuff before don’t try to add on mid cycle or forget stuff. Have an AI on hand (whether you need it or not), have PCT (whether you need it or not), have HCG (even if you don’t plan on using it), Have an extra bottle of Test (you lose .1ml each pin), Have extra needles (know what kind you need), Know where you wanna pin and how… Have a plan and stick to it but be able to adjust as your goals do.

    Be determined and be regimented…this is your health you’re altering…some things are not reversible, you may never get back to where you were. There are trade offs to this route, make sure you’re willing to deal with those. And don’t be afraid to ask questions even the dumb ones you’ll get roasted for.

    I do think you need to dive into more research though. It took me ~2 years to commit and buy the stuff. And I still was learning a lot on here.

    I added 30lbs and kept 20 on ~400mg of test a week, with some bullshit gym setup at home but I still crushed whatever workout I did…100% ALL THE TIME. I started at ~300mg and bumped it up halfway through just bc I could. If you do run it, you’re going to be amazed at the results IF you eat right, sleep right and train your ass… even at 250mgs.

    Also you dont have to stick at just test
    My 2nd cycle is:
    400-500mg weekly test E: week 1-16
    30mg daily Rad-140: week 1-12(16)
    20mg daily Cardarine: week 1-12(16)
    50mg(daily) Anavar: week 12-16 (possibly)

    Hope this helps,

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