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  • Hey guys, finished my first long cycle and decided to trt. I have HCG to help get the testes back up to snuff, and have a few questions. The vials (with the 5000iu powder) I got are tiny, 2ml at the most. Do you guys use separate mixing vials? Would you add let’s say 1.5ml bac water, mix it up, then transfer to the mixing vial and add more water? Super dumb, but would an empty test e vial work or would that ruin it? Do you guys do sub or intra for it? i have a ton of 25g 1inch laying around. Sorry for the noob questions!

  • not toooo keen on hcg but if youre using hcg to keep balls running while on TRT vs pcting I think most medical trt doses are 250iu a handful of times a month? forgot the number. HCG lasts 60 days in fridge reconstituted to I dont think you need separate mixing vials if you buy 2000iu HCg and run 1000iu a month, unsure on how efficient 250 a week would be though. To get most of your 5000iu youd be doing 250iu x 2 a week. Youd have 1000iu left after 2 months but its still viable just starts to lose potency after those 60 days. You can do subq or im but its a super small volume shot I think subq would be easier and time efficient for you. Id personally slin pin it since its water based, no need to use 25g harpoons. 27-29g 1/2 inch should be fine for small volume IM or subq hcg shots

  • Hey boss, I run parallel HCG in all my cycles to make recovery faster. I use 300 IU EOD as it’s been shown to clinically get you to +7% of baseline test levels, so my guide will branch from there. You want to inject 2 ml of bac water into the HCG vial while you are holding the vial parallel to the ground (this is going to allow the water to run down the side of the HCG vial instead of blasting the fragile peptide directly. You can swirl the HCG vial as you put the water in. When the 2 ml is complete, swirl the vial until the powder is suspended. DO NOT SHAKE THE VIAL TO MIX. The peptide is fragile and this will cause it to lose potency.

    After you’ve completed the mixture, using a 1 ml pin, inject 6 tic lines sub q to your favorite location. That will deliver 300 IU to keep the boys nice and happy while you come off your test.

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